New FWSF Thought Leadership Program

Though LeadershipWe are pleased to announce a new thought leadership program to support women in finance and financial services. What exactly is “thought leadership”? Is it just the latest corporate buzzword? It may be a buzzword to some, but as Business News Daily defines it, “Thought leaders are seen as trustworthy, go-to authorities among industry colleagues and peers.” (7/20/16)

With the caliber of FWSF’s members, we believe FWSF can be a strong voice on women’s career issues in the financial press, in various industry-specific publications, and of course, through social media. With over 60 years of history in helping to advance the careers of women, we are well positioned to write on contemporary issues and trends.

To kick off the program, in 2018 we plan to publish six articles, two each related to our three core objectives – Lead, Mentor, and Inspire. Linda Wagner and Sheila Meagher, MarCom, will be working with our public relations partner on placement of the articles and also to let editors and reporters know that the FWSF is available to write on other topics and to weigh in and be quoted. Over time our intention is to expand the number of articles, the range of topics, and the number of publications.

The plan for the first article is to focus on inclusion/diversity as part of our “Lead” objective, and tie it back to the Allyship event held in April.

If you are interested in being an author, or if you have a topic that you think would be good for an article, please contact Anne Evers (



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