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Conversations in the Fast Lane

By Marciana Flores

Renessa presents

Renessa Boley Layne gave a riveting presentation to a crowded room of over 30 ambitious women in the East Bay on March 21, 2017. There was a delightful amount of crowd interaction, self-evaluations and inspiring realizations and epiphanies. It was easy to leave the event with a new sense of empowerment and a refreshing outlook on life.

She shared her background of living in the fast lane and going the wrong direction for 15 years. What she learned from that experience was an important lesson to us about reading the signs. These signs can be presented in your life as physical, mental/emotional, professional or relationships. Being aware of these signs and shifting your mindset will help you achieve your goals.

A roadblock that most people encounter is your “driving dialogue” or all of the excuses you make for not following through. Recognizing these thoughts and letting them go will help you maintain the correct course. You can achieve more when focusing on three areas; design, mindset and strategy. Design involves: long-term vision, short-term planning, motivation and true desire. Mindset involves: belief system, worth, ego and current viewpoint. Strategy involves: productivity, consistency, network & collaboration and know-how. These areas are key when developing your roadmap to success.

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