FWSF & HCSF Digital Currency Panel Resources

Digital CurrencyOn April 22, 2015 a panel of experts, moderated by FWSF member Erin McCune, discussed the nuts and bolts and pros and cons of this payment-system revolution. We learned: who is leading the digital currency revolution; what its capabilities are; when it should be used; where we can learn more; and how digital currency will impact our careers and the future of money and global finance.

Below you will find resources to learn more about digital currencies.

Panelist contact information:

Wallace Young, FRM
Director, Risk Policy and Analysis Group
Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
101 Market Street, Mail Stop 945 | San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 974-3166
wallace.young@sf.frb.org | www.frbsf.org

Dan Morehead
CEO, Pantera Capital
Chairman, Bitstamp

Wellington Sculley
Director Business Development
Ripple Labs
+1.415.633.6734 | ripple.com

Bitcoin/Ripple/Digital Currency Reading

Federal Reserve: Strategies for Improving the U.S. Payment System
(This very important paper from the Fed outlines strategies to speed up payments in the U.S. enabling near real time bank to bank transfers; it mentions Internet protocols as a potential tool)

Ripple: Interview with CEO Chris Larsen (Bloomberg, Nov 2014)

Executive Summary for Financial Institutions - Ripple: Internet protocol for interbank payments (10 pages)

Bitcoin.org, the Bitcoin Foundation site has good introductory info:

Pantera Capital: Latest in series of regular briefings:
General info on bitcoin and investing in bitcoin: https://panteracapital.com/

Coindesk: What is bitcoin? (updated as of March 2015)

Coindesk: State of Bitcoin Q1 2015 (latest in a series of quarterly updates)

Chicago Fed: Bitcoin: A primer (December 2013)

Marc Andreessen: Why Bitcoin Matters (NYTimes, January 2014)

IBM on Crypto-currencies (FinExtra video, October 2013)

Khan Academy: Bitcoin: What is it? (first in a series of 9 instructional videos)

Ledra Capital series of blog posts that provides an “Intro to Bitcoin" (and some good links for additional information):

And finally, written by FWSF Member Erin McCune, an explanation of the status quo — how correspondent banking works:

There is no such thing as an international wire (Payments Views, May 2014)

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