FWSF Celebrates 60 Years - Meet our 1988 President, Linda Roggemann

Linda Roggemann

What motivated you to join FWSF (formerly FWA) and to serve as President?

I joined the FWSF at the urging of Judith Bedell who had been a prior President. We are still friends, in fact she manages our investments — and has done a great job for the last 16 years which has permitted us to travel and own vacation homes... (Judith Bedell was President in 1975 and is our current Accountant, Caryl Fass’ aunt)

What was your vision for the organization?

My vision was to expand the club's membership to include such people as CFO's and attorneys etc...along with the help of my Vice President, Kathryn Bondoux, who became the President after me. We were instrumental in establishing the club on the peninsula; which someone said is even larger than the one in SF. A great deal of work was performed to make sure all the paperwork was done legally to allow an extension club.

What word of advice do you have for women leaders in Finance today?

My advice is the same as what my Father gave me: "Get head and shoulders above everyone else and you too will experience success."

Here is a must read about this very interesting lady and Finance professional in her own words:

I was born in the Midwest but grew up in Southern California. My father started working overseas with Firestone Tire and Rubber and so I graduated from high school in Manila Philippines. Later I graduated with a business degree (not many women at that time) with a minor in Spanish from Mexico City College. While visiting my parents in Pakistan I ended up teaching school there. Since living in San Francisco was my life-long dream, I immediately moved there with no plans. Jobs were limited for women. I started out as a secretary to the owners of the shoe concession for Joseph Magnin and then became a secretary to the investment officer in the trust department at United California Bank and subsequently an assistant to a large producer at Smith Barney.

I married and adopted our daughter, Laura. Shortly thereafter my husband died and I became a single mom for 20 years. Cosmopolitan magazine (our bible of the day) noted that I was more likely to be struck by lightning than marry after being single for so many years.

Realizing that I needed a bigger career that could provide a higher standard of living (i.e. private school for my daughter and being able to keep the home my husband and I purchased), I started interviewing with Stockbrokers.

I was hired by Kidder Peabody in the early/mid 70's (I was one of two women in our training class in New York; the other woman was an assistant to a big producer). This was during a period when corporations were being pressured to hire women and this was actually as a result of a class action suit filed against Bank of America. [Sidebar: the actual attorney became one of my clients.] There were questions even concerning the tests being slanted towards men!! So, they hired me without testing (timing is everything in life many times). When I became a Vice President they still tracked my production from New York as I was one of their "test cases."

I stayed with Kidder for 17 years and it was during this time I became involved with the Financial Women's Club. I remember we hosted a convention of Financial Women Clubs from all over. Sylvia Porter (a very well-known national financial columnist at the time) was our key speaker. She found very amusing the story about my Father who was convinced that her column had to be written by a man. I loved every minute of my association with FWSF and working in the investment field. How nice to work with men who treated me as an equal...And to think I was taking their dictation only a short time before!

Then my white knight rode in on his white horse and we have been together for 26 years!  We share 6 children, 20 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren (and more to come) scattered all over the country. We make sure to see them all at least once a year.

We have retired to a Del Webb Community in Arizona. I play golf 2-3 times a week, water aerobics 3-4 times a week, play bridge twice a week, active in my church and travel several weeks a year. We live in a Disneyland for Seniors. Come for a visit and see for yourself.

By the way, shortly before entering the investment field I sponsored a Vietnamese mother and son. They lived with Laura and I for almost two years. In those days - prospective employers always asked single mothers about child care...I was able to mention that I had live - in help. Soooo it was a win-win for Laura and I as well as for Helen and Raymond!!!

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