FWSF President Paige Venable Shares How Women Can Break Through the Glass Ceiling on Bay Area Focus

By Mackenzie Whitfield
Harden Communications Partners

On Thursday, June 22nd, Financial Women of San Francisco (FWSF) President Paige Venable went into the CBS KPIX news studio to record a segment for Bay Area Focus with news anchor Michelle Griego. Her one-on-one interview aired the following Sunday at 11 AM on KBCW.

During the interview Paige discussed how it continues to be difficult for women in every industry to break through the glass ceiling and what women can do to excel in their career and obtain senior management positions by growing their professional network, sharing their successes and being true to themselves. 

Paige discussed how beneficial it is for women to make a conscious effort to grow their professional network both within their organization and outside of their organization. A professional network provides women with the opportunity to:

  • Seek mentors, both men and women, who can provide insight, perspective and feedback. This can help women build their own confidence in voicing their ideas and opinions; sharing their accomplishments and successes; and investing in themselves.
  • Find an influential sponsor within their organization who can advocate on their behalf. This can help provide additional awareness and visibility to their accomplishments offering greater opportunity for leadership roles, promotion or a raise.
  • Build a support system to help meet their professional goals and further their careers, and in turn, helping others to do the same.

Paige attributes her successes to the myriad of mentors she has had throughout her career, primarily through her active involvement with FWSF, who have helped her realize her true potential.

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