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Guiding Clients to Good Decisions: Discovery, Engagement, and Leverage for Professionals

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 Alliance Networking Series

Patients trust doctors to take care of their physical health. Clients trust advisors to take care of their financial health. In both cases, the professional must guide the client to good decisions. This requires the professional to discover the real client agenda; engage in decision support; and leverage resources for efficient delivery of client-centered care. A researcher in health care has developed evidence-based strategies for discovery, engagement, and leverage, and is now translating these strategies into financial services. In particular, the discovery protocol has been shown to be effective in increasing client disclosure, satisfaction, and commitment (close rate), which benefits both client and professional. Coming out of this session, you will immediately be able to implement this specific discovery protocol. Overall, the session will stimulate you to reflect critically on your client interactions, based on lessons learned from decades of research in social-behavioral medicine.

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Jeff Belkora, PhD, is the author of DEAL! Discovery, Engagement, and Leverage for Professionals. Dr. Belkora developed his approach to client-centered care while running a support program for patients facing life and death decisions at UCSF Medical Center. Dozens of studies in health care have found that his program is associated with increased decision quality; and reduced anxiety, decisional conflict, distress, and regret. Recently Dr. Belkora has translated his work to financial services. Early results, published in the Journal of Wealth Management and in his new book, show that his approach is associated with increased advisor inquiry, client disclosure, client satisfaction, and close rates. Dr. Belkora will discuss lessons learned across both the health care and financial care industries.

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