Member Spotlight: Olivia Barbee —
Helping Women Help Themselves

June 2012

Olivia BarbeeOlivia Barbee vividly remembers what drew her to FWA—the awesome women honored with FWA scholarships. Olivia volunteered to interview candidates and soon became a board member and co-chair of the marketing committee.

Olivia believes that the best way to achieve success is to focus on what you can control—your work ethic and professionalism. In college she seemed destined for law school, but fate intervened when Olivia answered an advertisement for a position at Morningstar Inc., and instead learned how to analyze mutual funds and stocks. Olivia currently works at Wells Fargo Funds Management, LLC communicating portfolio strategies to institutional clients.

A tenacious and relentlessly positive person, Olivia frequently has been the only African-American woman in the room, but she doesn’t lose her focus. Olivia recommends, “Don’t carry a chip on your shoulder, but recognize that the best companies promote the best people. It may just take some time for you to find the best companies.”

Olivia wants FWA members to learn more about Wells Fargo’s 
job openings. Along with other members, she is organizing a joint networking event between FWA and Wells Fargo on July 30, to bring members face-to-face with Wells Fargo managers. —Contributed by Alison Hightower

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