FWSF’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

By Kim Scala, FWSF VP, Diversity & Inclusion

DiversityFWSF has made a commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I), but how diverse an organization are we today? Hopefully, by the time you read this newsletter, you’ll already have participated in our short membership survey, designed to help us identify who we are now and how we might make our organization more welcoming to everyone.  

Last year, the board adopted a D&I initiative; we co-hosted “Fostering Innovation through Diversity,” an insightful and dynamic panel discussion that drew a standing-room crowd of over 100 people; we celebrated phenomenal Robin Washington, our first African-American Financial Woman of the Year; we co-sponsored a gender diversity event in Silicon Valley; and we significantly increased diversity on the board. Currently, the D&I committee is focused on meeting with FWSF leaders to sound a call to action and assure that the D&I initiative is the lens through which we see all that we do. Recent cross-collaboration with MarCom unleashed some great ideas for the website and other publicity efforts which you’ll be seeing soon. We are now working with the programs committee to assure diversity in our speakers and panelists, points of view, and program topics.  

If you are interested in making FWSF a stronger, culturally richer and more interesting organization for everyone, please join the D&I committee. We meet the first Monday of each month at 5:30 at the offices of RINA Accountancy, 625 Market Street, 15th floor. Contact: Kim Scala, kim@scala-law.com

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