Making a Dynamite Presentation

May 2013

“Stories, stories, stories!” Gary Purece proclaimed, as he told a sellout crowd on May 30 how to make your point and keep the attention of your audience, large or small.

Gary Presenting


Gary described a number of situations that showed how the power of effective communication comes from clear and concise expression, using the art of story-telling to create lasting images, and avoiding boring crutches like reading from PowerPoint slides. 

One woman Gary coached was advised by her manager to speak louder, but what Gary found was that her communication style was greatly improved not by changing her voice, but rather by changing what she said. When she clearly and powerfully stated her points—with Gary’s expert help—even though she didn’t increase her volume one bit, her manager exclaimed, “that’s what I meant, speak louder!” 

Gary also advised that leaders have to use the language of leaders. He suggested that women tell others “this is how I see it,” or “this is my point of view.” Gary extolled the virtue of practice, particularly the introductions of important presentations, and preparation so that you know what you want to say and you say it correctly. We left excited to try out Gary’s techniques. 

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