Successful Investing: How to Overcome Human Nature

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 Industry Leadership Series

Money behaviorCommon behavioral biases are a frequent topic in behavioral finance. These biases we humans struggle with include herd behavior, anchoring and gambler's fallacy. Please join our panel of experts as they explain and discuss how we can avoid these common biases and how we can overcome human nature when we are educated about them and talk ourselves out of detrimental actions.

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Tanya Steinhofer, CFATanya Steinhofer, CFA, CFP® Redwood Grove Wealth Management

Tanya Steinhofer, CFA, CFP® is an independent, fee-only financial planner helping women and busy families achieve financial peace of mind by exploring and integrating their dreams into their financial roadmap. She offers comprehensive financial planning, as well as portfolio management. She’s been in the investment industry for 15 years and running her own firm for the past 5 years.

About the Speakers:

Dr. Jeff Hamrick, Ph.DJeff Hamrick, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of San Francisco

Jeff Hamrick has designed courses in linear regression analysis, time series analysis, multivariate statistical analysis, and SAS programming. Dr. Hamrick is a CFA charterholder, a chartered Financial Risk Manager (FRM), and his academic work in "big data" stems from his interests in natural language processing, market microstructure (e.g., models of intraday asset prices), and sabermetrics (i.e., the use of statistical and computational methodologies to study baseball).

Karen CashenKaren Cashen, Managing Director for the Client Experience, Charles Schwab

Karen Cashen is a director of client experience for retirement plan services and has been with Schwab for over 18 years. She is currently responsible for defining and developing the active participant experience and championing their needs. In her role she also supports development of technology solutions to more effectively and efficiently deliver tailored solutions addressing specific Sponsor and participant segment needs.

Michal Ann Strahilevitz, Ph.DMichal Ann Strahilevitz, Ph.D, Professor of Marketing, Golden Gate University

Michal Ann Strahilevitz is a professor of Marketing at Golden Gate University who studies how emotions affect our decisions around money. She has published research with finance professors Terry Odean (UC Berkeley) and Brad Barber (UC Davis) that looks at the role of past emotional experiences in the market on future investing behavior. Her Psychology Today blog is called Your Money and Your Heart. A central focus of her research is finding ways to maximize both the emotional and financial well being of investors.

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