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Maria Castel

Maria Castel

Currently interviewing for a new job opportunity.

Please share a little about yourself and your business and social passions.
I started my career in Finance at Roberson Stephens Investment Bank in San Francisco and made my way back after working and living abroad in London at JPMorgan. Some highlights include Barclays Global Investors - Client Services, transitioning into Risk Management at Mitsubishi UFJ (MUFG), and completing the acquisition of MUFG Union Bank by US Bank. I am truly grateful to build and transform world-class financial services at every stage of their growth and working with bright and talented international teams. Living abroad was inspiring as I met people with differing international perspectives and commonalities on cultures, markets, and the world, akin to San Francisco Bay Area! The world is big yet is also small. And, financial services connects so many industries and people. I truly love all things related to art and culture, building community, and keeping my health in check at Alameda Aikido.

What inspired you to join FWSF?
To connect with women in the financial services industry, learn and share experiences, and how I can support others through their career.

What’s your favorite part of FWSF?
I continue to meet stellar women who support each other. Also, the events are so insightful and relevant, I was able to participate in International Women’s Day and Economic Trends and Outlook for 2024. I am still new to FWSF and will definitely participate in more upcoming events!

What’s your best career tip or advice for women entering the finance or financial services industries?
Keep an open mind as biases are present. Own your career and it’s ok to change directions. Take a career gap, it gives one a broader perspective. I took two career gaps from financial services and volunteered at non-profits and museums, and traveled.

Have a mentor or two who can provide some insight as you move through your career. Perhaps look across your organization or even outside your organization (e.g. FWSF) and ask the person(s) you are interested in their expertise to meet with them via zoom or coffee/tea.

What’s your best career tip or advice for women at your level in the finance or financial services industries?
Prioritize health, wellness, and relationships/family. Women in financial services are so dynamic, dedicated to their career, and thrive in challenging environments. Also, it’s good to mix things up and learn something new whether it’s a professional or a personal interest.

Do you have any news or anything else you’d like to share with the FWSF community?
It’s been fabulous creating new relationships with FWSF community!


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