FWSF Member Dues

$150 Initiation Fee

Due the first year of membership or reinstatement of membership. If paying this fee creates a financial hardship for you, please contact our membership team (listed below) to discuss the possibility of a waiver. 

$215 Annual Dues

Payment is due at the time you apply for membership and is renewable each year.

Note: Many organizations will pay for membership dues to organizations such as FWSF. Please review your organization's policy to see if these dues are eligible for reimbursement.

Payment Terms

New Members

Payment is due at the time you apply for membership. Payment may be made only by credit card. If your company is paying for your membership and they need to be invoiced to do so, please contact us.

If your application is missing information or we have questions, we will contact you directly. If your membership is not approved for any reason, we will refund your fees. (Initiation and membership fees are otherwise non-refundable.)

Renewing Members

You will be sent an invoice for membership renewal. Membership is automatically canceled if dues become delinquent. To reinstate a canceled membership, you will be required to pay another initiation fee as well as your annual dues.

Membership dues are non-refundable.


If you have questions about membership application, renewal or reinstatement, please call us at (415) 586-8599.

Contact our Membership Team:

Denise Field, VP Membership
Bailey Bronwyn, Co-Chair, Membership
Minako Steel, Co-Chair, Membership

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