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Member Profile: Amy Ramsey

Greetings! I've been living in the Bay Area now for over 20 years, learning about economics, accounting, and finance, and spending most of my time working as a business analyst. I first came to Silicon Valley after leaving my beautiful hometown of San Diego to get an Economics undergrad degree at Stanford, and I later toured a PhD program at the GSB and picked up a masters from the Economics department.

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KPMG and FWSF host On Board Bootcamp

Women have made strides achieving seats on corporate boards in recent years and corporations are starting to understand the value that diverse boards can bring to the overall company and to the bottom line. In 2014, the number of women on FORTUNE 1000 boards rose slightly to 17.7%, but there is still room to grow…and that creates an opportunity for qualified executive women. Boot CampTo help accelerate this growth, KPMG and FWSF hosted a day-long “On Board Bootcamp” on June 24th at the KPMG offices in San Francisco. The program was designed to help women who aspire to work on corporate, advisory or non-profit boards, chart a path and enhance skills to become an attractive candidate.

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Time for YOU: Quick, Easy, and Delicious Ways to Wellness

On July 30, 2015, some 20 women gathered at BPM's office in Walnut Creek for an inspirational and interactive talk with Marnie Northrop, a certified health coach who helps her clients break the bitter cycle of sugar dependency, savor the sweetness of life, and discover the pleasures of cooking simply and eating whole foods.

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Increased Media Coverage for FWSF

In Q2 2015 FWSF officially made the decision to hire Patricia Harden (a long-time member of FWSF), and her team including — Nina Newhouse (featured in our Member Highlight section) — at Harden Communications Partners LLC to assist with public relations for the organization. Over the past few months it has become increasingly clear that the professionals are on board, and that FWSF has had a lift in coverage and recognition!

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Panel of successful business women talks about paving the way for the next generation

KTVU Fox 2 panel discussion featuring FWSF President Tracy Teale, Scholarhip Co-chair Colleen Lingane Thomas, and 2015 Scholarship Recipient Kayla Dean.

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