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Regulatory Outlook for Fintech and Banking, June 18, 2024

On June 18, FWSF held a “Regulatory Outlook for Fintech and Banking” event featuring Michele Alt, Partner and co-founder of the Klaros Group, which advises banks and fintechs on complex regulatory issues related to U.S. licensing and business plans.

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Path to the Board: Co-Chairs Speak Out

In our last article, Path to the Board: First Step ─ Maximize Your Membership by Joining a Committee, current FWSF committee members talked about why they participate in an FWSF committee, or as Shay Phillips (Diversity and Inclusion Committee) said, “I love volunteering at the larger events and networking within the organization, and, of course, having an opportunity to mentor young women. These opportunities have allowed me to gain new experiences, give back, help others, and create lifelong relationships and great connections with some truly phenomenal women in the Bay Area.”

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Three Industry Leaders Share Wisdom on Navigating Your Career Journey in the Digital Age

On Wednesday, November 7th, FWSF hosted an insightful and engaging industry leadership panel at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. Panelists included LENDonate CEO and Founder Vivienne Hsu, Hewlett Packard 3-D Printing Global Head Michelle Bockman, and Brown and Caldwell CFO Amy Fairbank. Nerdwallet Senior Associate of Business Operations Blakely Larson was a stimulating moderator. FWSF VP of Programs Sue Mazzetti welcomed everyone with inspiring remarks and news about upcoming events.

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Path to the Board: Let’s Hear from Some VPs (and Past Presidents)

This is the last of three Path to the Board articles (miss the earlier ones? See the articles below: Path to the Board: First Step ─ Maximize Your Membership by Joining a Committee and Path to the Board: Co-Chairs Speak Out). In this article, Connections got input from three VPs who have been involved with FWSF for a number of years: Shelby Duncan, VP Technology and Infrastructure, Anne Chambers, VP Fundraising, and Paige Venable, Immediate Past President. VPs have a few committees in their portfolios. Eventually, some of the VPs become officers of the board (Anne and Paige have both served as president.)

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Path to the Board: First Step ─ Maximize Your Membership by Joining a Committee

Have you been curious about how you can get more involved in FWSF? Or maybe you want to deepen your relationships with other members? Or perhaps you want to increase your efforts to give back? Have you considered what it would be like to join a committee, especially if you are new to the organization? To new members, joining the FWSF committees or board might seem a bit of a mystery, but in fact, it’s very simple.

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