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Member Profile: Roberta Rima

Roberta Rima, Forensic & Compliance Manager, with major expertise in anti-corruption regulations. Currently building a new life and professional path in San Francisco, after relocating from Europe in May 2016!. Favorite part of her job: I love the challenge of uncovering things! Working in Forensic Accounting means using analytical and accounting skills to resolve disputes and allegations of misconducts. I have done this job for over nine years and every time I never know what to expect from each case, at the beginning. Additionally, when I work on corruption and bribery allegations I have the feeling that my work is serving our community to become better, and that is certainly one of my favorite parts.

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Member Profile: Kristin Thompson

Kristin Thompson, Chevron, Financial Analyst. Favorite part of her job: My favorite part of my current job is getting to work with people around the world to analyze, consolidate and report on Chevron’s global business operations.

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Member Profile: Gia Punjabi

Gia Punjabi, KPMG, Audit Associate. Favorite part of her job: The fact that it is allowing me to set the table and build a strong foundation for my career. The technical chops I’m learning, and the detail work I’m involved with on a day-to-day basis helps me with developing my understanding needed to perform effectively at the CPA and the CFA exams.

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Member Profile: Fernande Marie Bencze

Fernande Marie Bencze, Alliance Reverse Mortgage Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional. Favorite part of her job: Enabling my Clients to realize their retirement dreams and not outlive their savings.

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Member Profile: Homa Saghafi

Homa Saghafi, KPMG, Advisory Director. The variety of the work and technical aspect. In addition, I enjoy clients and teams, mentorship to not only further develop myself but also develop my teams as we progress in our career.

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