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Voices of Experience – What FWSF is Learning about Mentoring

Forty-five women from the financial industry in San Francisco gathered to share their stories of being a mentor or a mentee on February 6, in a session focused on mentoring in FWSF entitled “Voices of Experience”. There were both members and guests of FWSF, including 14 current and past mentees and 11 current and past mentors from the FWSF Scholarship Mentoring Program. In addition to sharing their experiences, participants considered what FWSF has been learning about mentoring.

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From San Francisco to Tanzania: Women Supporting Women in their Educational Dreams

The FWSF mission of bringing women together to achieve great things is near and dear to my heart. Not only do I feel so grateful to have been supported by an FWSF scholarship during my second year of business school at Stanford, but I also have had the privilege of seeing the same, powerful mission at work for young women on the other side of the world.

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Influence the Next Generation of Financial Women:
 Mentor a FWA
 Scholarship Recipient

The FWSF Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for undergraduate and graduate women students studying Finance in Bay Area colleges and universities. We not only support the students with funding but also with a mentor for one year. Many of the scholarship recipients tell us that they value the mentoring as much – or more – than they value the cash award. They look forward to having an experienced professional woman from the financial sector as a guide as they navigate through school and plan their future.

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Where Are They Now?

I am leaving tomorrow for Morocco. My graduation was Friday and I will start working in London on May 1st for Morgan Stanley as a Strategist within their Fixed Income Division. I am deeply grateful to FWASF for the opportunity that the association provided me throughout the year.

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