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Financial Women of San Francisco has been making news in business and financial circles for more than 60 years. Scan the articles below to see all the ways we advance the success of today’s women in finance throughout the Bay Area.

Reflections of New 2020 Members on FWSF

2020 is a year none of us will soon forget. With its significant challenges, it also brought some incredible gifts. Our organization was able to achieve so much, moving so much connection and programming online, and we continue to grow. While continuing to make a difference in the lives of so many professional women in (and pursuing) financial careers, we also welcomed new members.

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Path to the Board: Co-Chairs Speak Out

The path to the FWSF board starts with raising your hand and volunteering for a committee (see info at end of the article about whom to contact). After gaining experience about the inner-workings of the organization on a committee, the next step is a board position as a committee co-chair. Your co-chair role would most likely be related to the committee(s) for which you initially volunteered. Each year the board Nominating Committee meets to consider the next year’s board and major factors driving the nominations are a member’s interests and contributions as a committee member. Board co-chairs then lead the committees and serve a two-year term.

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Financial Women: Profiles in Diversity Series

In our allyship with the women of color in the financial services industry and our membership, we are finishing out 2020 with a series of member interviews aimed at giving us a glimpse into their career journeys, spotlighting their challenges and successes. We hope this series will help provide insight into ways that we can all better stand together and be a strong support system to one another. Our first interview is with our very own Olivia Barbee, 2020 President of FWSF, and a Marketing Programs Manager at Wells Fargo Bank.

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Path to the Board: First Step ─ Maximize Your Membership by Joining a Committee

Have you been curious about how you can get more involved in FWSF? Or maybe you want to deepen your relationships with other members? Or perhaps you want to increase your efforts to give back? Have you considered what it would be like to join a committee, especially if you are new to the organization? To new members, joining the FWSF committees or board might seem a bit of a mystery, but in fact, it’s very simple.

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Passing the Torch Recap

Despite the pandemic requiring the event be changed from an in-person fundraiser, to a virtually attended video production, Newsom reminded the Financial Women of San Francisco how important it is to celebrate these achievements because "across the globe research shows that when you empower women with access to education, economic opportunities and decision making, whole families and communities are lifted up."

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