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Financial Women of San Francisco has been making news in business and financial circles for more than 60 years. Scan the articles below to see all the ways we advance the success of today’s women in finance throughout the Bay Area.

Financial Women Sponsors Fireside Chat at the Schwab Center

On January 24, 2017, the Financial Women of San Francisco partnered with the Harvard Club of San Francisco to sponsor a fireside chat between two of our city’s most distinguished citizens, Marie Chandoha and Bill Haraf. Ms. Chandoha serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Charles Schwab Investment Management. Mr. Haraf is Special Advisor to the Promontory Financial Group and serves on the Board of Directors of the Charles Schwab Corporation.

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Investing a Step Ahead of Change

There has been a lot of change in the world since 2017 began. What a challenge it must have been for presenter, Ms. Michelle Borre, to prepare for our event! Our new President had to be mentioned at the beginning of our presentation as we were less than a week into his term. While Ms. Borre did not get political, she did answer several questions because the audience was not bashful about asking them. Kudos to Ms. Borre for educating us and giving us straight talk.

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One Member’s Journey to the FWSF.

Have you ever been told, by a man, that your opportunities were limited because you are a woman? That you would work harder, stay longer, and ultimately produce better work, but you would be a third class employee – belonging to an unpopular department while female. I was 29, in my mentor’s office, and he was explaining to me that is how our company worked. His hands were tied, as he was subject to the views and opinions of his superiors.

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Hidden Figures - Women Overcoming Barriers to Achieve Success a fabulous movie that depicts the true story of the breaking down of institutionally supported prejudices and biases. Six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (‘NACA’), the precursor to NASA, recruited African-American women with college degrees to work as ‘human computers’. However, they were paid less and were not considered for promotions. In addition, they were kept in the segregated west section of the Langley campus with separate dining and bathroom facilities. Among them were three real-life pioneers: Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson.

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The FWSF Book Club, a year in review

Each year on January 1, I endeavor to create a list of life-improving resolutions. Inevitably by December 31, I end up reflecting on the resolutions I failed to follow through on. For the past several years, ‘’joining a book club’’ has been at the top of this fateful list. January 1, 2016 was no exception. I even included “for real this time” in parenthesis with multiple exclamation marks to signify my determination! You can imagine how thrilled I was to see “Book Club” on the Upcoming Events for the Financial Women of San Francisco. What could be better than joining a book club with a group of smart, motivated and inspiring women who share similar interests?

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