New Highs in FWSF Social Media—Facebook Live and Member Posts Drive FWOTY Luncheon Coverage

By Cindi Goodsell, Harden Communication Partners

Robin L. WashingtonIt’s easy to get stuck in routine—sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is good for growth and expansion. So, that’s what we did this year with the 2017 FWSF Financial Woman of the Year awards luncheon. As a part of the organization’s commitment to growing its social media presence and taking efforts to the next level, we decided to encourage more posting from luncheon attendees and tested Facebook Live at the event.

At each of the tables, we had flyers sharing FWSF’s social media handles and designated hashtags, encouraging attendees to post their photos and thoughts from the event. Some fantastic photos, tweets and posts—15 in all—were shared on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtags #FWSF and #FinancialWomanoftheYear. This is more than any year prior.

During the VIP reception we scheduled Facebook Live interviews with our willing interviewees Paige Venable, Darcy Illg, Julia Kniesche, Shelby Duncan and Robin Washington (pictured). We captured all of the magic with a smartphone camera. The Facebook Live videos reached a total of more than 300 people (determined by the number of people who see the video either on their personal newsfeed or on FWSF’s Facebook feed). The videos also received a total of 13 likes, which are tallied from users clicking the thumbs up or other reaction buttons.

Anne Evers, board member and owner of Anne Evers Communications, was the interviewer for Facebook Live. She asked questions that every financial woman joining this group might want to know, such as how FWSF has helped with networking and job connections, the benefits of the mentorship program and the value of FWSF membership. The videos were a great way to give women in the organization and potential members who couldn’t attend the sold out event, a way to experience the enthusiasm of this FWSF events, its members, and benefit from great advice.

If you haven’t already, be sure to follow FWSF on Twitter at @FinanceWomanSF, on Facebook at and on Linkedin

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