FWA Launches an Endowment to Support Scholarship Efforts

October 2011

With the financial market turmoil of the last few years, the FWA Board created a plan for the long- term sustainability of its scholarship program. The program has awarded $1.6 million to over 190 recipients since 1985 and the Board is committed to its continued success.

The Board has decided to augment fundraising efforts with the establishment of an endowment to support the scholarship program in perpetuity. This does not mean we are making any changes to our flagship Financial Woman of the Year (FWOTY) event – our current sponsors indicated that they prefer to associate with the FWOTY thereby supporting both our organization at large as well as the scholarship program.

We strongly believe that the endowment will further diversify our funding base including the FWA membership-as-a-whole, additional friends of the FWA, and education-focused foundations. The endowment creates a stable base of funds that supports the program in any economic environment—and allows the program to grow beyond its current size. Most importantly, in conjunction with our corporate sponsors, the endowment will ensure the FWA remains at the forefront of championing women in the world of finance.

In June of this year, we officially launched a membership drive and initiated a Founder’s Circle. Anyone making a donation before December 31, 2011 will be considered a founding member of the endowment at the following levels:

To make a donation or for more information click here.

We realize that there are many causes that you support with your time and energy as well as your dollars. Given your generosity, we are hoping that you will also participate in raising funds for the endowment. We thank you in advance for your generous support!

 FWASF Endowment Fund Committee

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