Interview with Financial Woman of the Year Co-Chair Sandra Camacho

Sandra Camacho

What’s your role this year on the Financial Woman of the Year (FWOTY) Committee? 

I am the Co-Chair of the Financial Woman of the Year event

What made you decide to join the FWOTY Committee? 

I have served on the FWSF Board of Directors in different capacities, and this is yet another way to help promote the mission of the organization and collaborate with other members.

What went into choosing this year’s FWOTY?

Nine committee members met regularly to assess various accomplished female leaders in Finance. The committee looked closely for someone who beyond reaching the pinnacles of the Finance profession also gives back to the community and advances the success of other women in finance through leadership and mentorship.

What inspires you about this year’s FWOTY?  

It is not only that Nancy has reached the highest levels of the field of Finance and has numerous positions and awards, quite literally excels at all she puts her mind to, but she is concerned about improving the welfare of society and the environment globally. Complacency has never been Nancy’s approach from her early days. Positive change happens because of people like her who think and act for the betterment of all.  

This year’s FWOTY event is FWSF’s first big “green” event. What have been the challenges with that?  

We’ve had to think about where to incorporate elements to make the event green and where to source supplies. We’ve hopefully put in place a sustainable model that can be built upon in future years.

What do attendees of this year’s FWOTY event have to look forward to as far as the “greening” of the event and anything else?

Attendees will not only learn more about impact investing but will enjoy a delicious lunch curated by the Hyatt Regency San Francisco's renowned culinary team showcasing fresh local ingredients. Adorning their tables will be beautiful plants in eco pots. Programs will be accessed via QR code and name tags will be collected after the event and holders will be recycled.

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