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Time for YOU: Quick, Easy, and Delicious Ways to Wellness

Marnie NorthlropOn July 30, 2015, some 20 women gathered at BPM's office in Walnut Creek for an inspirational and interactive talk with Marnie Northrop, a certified health coach who helps her clients break the bitter cycle of sugar dependency, savor the sweetness of life, and discover the pleasures of cooking simply and eating whole foods.

Marnie shared her personal experience and interesting stories about being a “workaholic” and “sugar addict.” We also learned how to quickly and easily make a yummy energizing smoothie.

Marnie’s tips:

Three simple ways to have more energy

1.  Drink water
2.  B R E A T H E  (more oxygen)
3.  Move your body (gently for energy). bonus: get out in the sunshine

Five “P”s to eat whatever you want and not gain weight

Pause (make a conscious choice, take a few relaxing breaths)
Be Picky (choose the highest quality available in the moment - you deserve it)
Permission (give yourself full permission to enjoy whatever you've chosen - and, yes, that includes ice cream!)
Pleasure (savor each bite, enjoy with all your senses, luxuriate in it)
Be Present (be sure to pay attention and actually experience eating: notice how you feel before, during, after)

As part of this event, FWSF collected food and monetary donations for the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano. Larry Sly, Executive Director of the Food Bank, provided us with an overview of the organization and its programs focused on health and wellness in the community.

It was a fabulous evening!



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