Women on Top: Lessons for Life and Business from the Mountains

June 2012

Emily Cortes

High-altitude mountain climbing is strenuous, fatiguing, consuming, and dangerous...but rewarding! Speaker Emilie Cortes, Senior Investment Consultant at Alan Biller and Associates, inspired everyone at our April 11th event with her thrilling personal stories and beautiful photographs from six out of the seven continents including: the Sierras, the Himalayas, and Mount Kilimanjaro as she shared her life lessons drawn from her experiences on these amazing mountains.

Although we live in a “man’s world,” Emilie urged us never to lose sight of our personal and professional aspirations. She encouraged us to take one step at a time, to know our own strengths and weaknesses, to weigh our risks, control our fear, and to relish every second. “I wouldn’t have done it if I’d given up on a single one of those steps,” Emile said.

For more of Emilie’s thoughts on climbing and how climbing relates to business, and being a woman in both worlds, check out www.emiliecortes.com. — Submitted by Sonya Hetrick

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