Influence the Next Generation of Financial Women:
 Mentor an FWSF
 Scholarship Recipient

April 2012

The FWSF Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for undergraduate and graduate women students studying Finance in Bay Area colleges and universities. We not only support the students with funding but also with a mentor for one year. Many of the scholarship recipients tell us that they value the mentoring as much – or more – than they value the cash award. They look forward to having an experienced professional woman from the financial sector as a guide as they navigate through school and plan their future.

The FWSF Scholarship Mentoring Program is a unique opportunity designed to offer the scholarship recipient guidance, support and sharing – an "open door" to the real world experiences of financial women as she begins preparation for her career and professional life. For the mentor it offers the opportunity to participate in one of the most personally rewarding programs of the FWSF and a means "to give back."

What are the hallmarks of an effective mentor?

A mentor is a FWSF member whose primary responsibility is to empower the university student to walk her own path at a significant juncture in her life. A mentor offers valuable insights that only experience can teach and is willing to share her stories (ups and downs) without reservation. In doing so, the mentor herself often goes on a journey of self-discovery as this partnership offers an expanded view of life.

What are the responsibilities of a mentor?

This twelve month structured program is guided by the mentee. The role of the mentor and mentee are described in detail in the "FWSF Mentoring Guidelines" which is outlined for both the mentor and mentee before committing to the program. Mentors are expected to commit about two hours a month to interacting with their mentee.

Comments from past participants

"My mentor helped me reach my mentorship goals of creating a professional network, choosing the right position and introducing me to new people, places and ideas. The program has really boosted my confidence and given me insight on my next steps." – Laura, FWA Mentee

"My mentee wanted to share more of her personal experiences; it was not all about business. I am excited to be involved in the beginning of a mentee's career and life." – Michelle, FWA Mentor


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