Financial Woman of the Year

Our annual signature event!

Each year, we honor a female senior executive who demonstrates remarkable commitment to her profession, service to her community, and support for the advancement of women. We recognize our honoree at the annual Financial Woman of the Year Luncheon.

If you'd like to watch an inspiring speech by any one of our honorees, please visit our Event Videos page.

This luncheon not only honors an outstanding female financial leader in the Bay Area, it also helps raises awareness about the successes of women in the financial sector and generates much needed funds for our Scholarship Program.

With the proceeds generated by this event, we have contributed to the future of women in finance by awarding over $3 million in scholarships to more than 350 Bay Area women who show promise as future financial leaders.

Our Financial Woman of the Year event is sure to inspire you. Please plan to join us each fall!


Past Financial Woman of the Year Honorees

2023 Teresa Bryce Bazemore, President and CEO, Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco

2022 Nancy Pfund, Founder, Managing Partner, DBL Partners

2021 Jenny Johnson, President and CEO, Franklin Templeton

2019 Terri Kallsen, former executive vice president, Investor Services, at Charles Schwab

2018 Heidi Roizen, partner, DFJ

2017 Robin L. Washington, EVP & CFO, Gilead Sciences, Inc.

2016 Debbie Messemer, Managing Partner for KPMG’s Bay Area Market

2015 Carrie Dolan, Chief Financial Officer of Lending Club

2014 Sarah Friar, CFO of Square

2013 Pat Yarrington, CFO of Chevron

2012 Barbara Morrison, Founder and President, TMC Financing

2011 Kathryn A. Hall, CEO and CIO, Hall Capital Partners LLC

2010 Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann, President, Citibank California

2009 Janet Lamkin, President, Bank of America California

2008 Leslie Tang Schilling, Director, Union Square Investment Company

2007 Ann Winblad, Founding Partner, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners

2006 Marie Berggren, Chief Investment Officer and Vice President - Investments, Office of the President and Acting Treasurer of the Regents, The University of California

2005 Susan Decker, Chief Financial Officer, Yahoo!

2004 Doreen Woo Ho, President, Wells Fargo Consumer Credit Group

2003 Stephanie DiMarco, CEO and Founder, Advent Software

2002 Cristina Morgan, Vice Chairman, Investment Banking, JP Morgan Chase

2001 Patricia Dunn, Global Chief Executive, Barclays Global Investors

2000 Lela Jahn, Owner, Jahn Investment Advisors

1999 Suzanne D. Lyons, Enterprise President of Retail Client Services, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

1998 Mariann Byerwalter, Vice President and CFO, Stanford University

1997 Shirley Nelson, Chairman and CEO, Summit

1996 Terri Dial, President, Wells Fargo

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