You are not a robot! “Everyone has value. Can you articulate yours?”

By Denise Fafette

What do they say about you when you are not in the room?

Awesome is my middle name

Can you articulate your value and why you are “awesome”? It’s not easy for many of us. On April 25th, speaker Joanna Bloor, founder of The Amplify Lab, gave attendees some guidelines and an opportunity to practice at an FWSF Professional Development event in the East Bay.

The event, held at the BMP offices in Walnut Creek, was also an opportunity to network with other women leaders in finance, followed by a presentation by Clare Schachter, CIC, vice-president of business development of our co-sponsor, Marsh & McLennan Companies.

Joanna BloorJoanna reminded us that as humans, we buy on emotion and justify our decisions with facts afterward. Giving your resume like a robot is neither compelling nor productive. We need to tap into our eight-year-old #badass selves to give people the language to help them sell us to others when we are not in the room.

When supervisors create space for this conversation with their employees, they can retain more employees longer. Supervisors can sell you for promotions and new opportunities as they arise if you are on their mind and they have the language to articulate why you are the solution for the future needs of the organization. It is important to get alignment on the language of what you are really good at!

Create Your Story, Unique - Authentic – Compelling

Event AttendeesWhat are you really great at? DO NOT describe yourself in terms of things that get you fired when you don’t do them! That is a job description — not what you are great at.

Joanna worked with several women, and the audience gave immediate feedback to the participants as they practiced focusing on what makes them awesome. This takes practice! This is your time to be bold! What makes us special and different is what makes us awesome, memorable, and sellable. Only after you articulate your unique awesomeness do you move onto your expertise when you are networking. So how do you create your story?

Remember: What makes you special and different? Why are you awesome?

  • Unique - What makes you special?
  • Authentic - Opportunity to connect!
  • Compelling - Why would anyone care?
  • What do you need to be known for? Seed the language!

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