Remembering Lew Hollerbach

By Anne Evers

LewFWSF is sorry to announce that a longtime FWSF partner, Lew Hollerbach, passed away in late September. Lew’s involvement with FWSF goes back many years, and he was instrumental in numerous technology upgrades as well as site improvements.

As Lew’s good friend, George Peabody of Glenbrook Partners, said, “Lew was a polymath (a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas) and a first-class character! He had strong opinions and liked a good conversation. He was a very intelligent guy. He was a Physics major who was fluent in English, Russian and French, and during the last couple of years he learned to speak a bit of Haitian Creole to speak with some of his caregivers."

Lew not only assisted FWSF with tech projects (including the Membee research and integration), but he was also an excellent editor and proofer.  He was a very structured writer who could take a complex process and boil it down to clear steps. He had an ongoing curiosity about technology and was excited about all that was possible and enjoyed the challenge of learning new computer languages.

Lew was also a pilot, and flying was the perfect hobby for him as he could use his math, physics, and reasoning skills. His friend George said he enjoyed occasionally taking flights with Lew to get a “$100 hamburger.” Short flight, get a hamburger and fly home.

Lew is survived by his father. We will miss him.

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