The 31st Annual Scholarship Awards Luncheon

2016 Scholarhip Recipients


The luncheon to recognize the 2016 scholarship awardees was held on June 2, 2016 at the City Club of San Francisco. This one of the two main signature events of the FWSF is a highly anticipated event because it truly epitomizes the very essence of the organization. The second event will be held on 21 September 2016 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco where the FWSF’s 21st Annual Financial Woman of the Year, Debbie Messemer, Managing Partner for KPMG’s Bay Area market, will be honored.

A total of $90,000 was awarded to the 2016 Scholarship Recipients with $5,000 awarded to each of four undergraduate students and $10,000 to each of seven graduate students. Awards were made possible by the generosity of the 2016 Scholarship Luncheon donors and the 2016 Corporate Sponsors.  Awardees are chosen as a result of an intense and competitive application and interview process. It is a true honor to be chosen from among so many impressive applicants. For some it brings professional affirmation in their country of origin.  

This year’s awardees are:

Undergraduate Students

Shubhi Badjatiya – Saint Mary’s College of California
Kristen Cepriano – Dominican University of California
Nkeiruka Medani – University of San Francisco
Aliaksandra (Sasha) Tsiatsera – UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Graduate Students

Jennifer Chappell – Dominican University of California
Katherine Hayes – Stanford Graduate School of Business
Tomisha Miller – Saint Mary’s College of California
Vineetha Mummadi – Mills College Lorry I. Lokey School of Business and Public Policy
Deanna Ping – Stanford Graduate School of Business
Stephanie Shaffer – Mills College Lorry I. Lokey School of Business and Public Policy
Alice Song – Stanford Graduate School of Business

Members of the FWSF Board had this to say when asked what made the most impression or what sat with them after attending this year’s event: 

“What always impresses me is how upbeat about their abilities and future these young women are, despite having overcome terrible adversity in their lives.  One comes away with a message of hope and possibilities.” ~ Maureen Young

“It was an honor to announce this year’s Scholarship recipients. I continue to be humbled by the experience and talent of the Scholarship recipients, as well as the women who support the Scholarship process within the Financial Women of San Francisco organization. I could not be more excited to have been honored as one of the Co-Chairs for next year’s committee. I look forward to continuing the tradition of empowering and enabling the success of emerging female leaders in finance!” ~ Shelby Duncan

“As always, I was impressed with the caliber, accomplishments and poise of each of the candidates. After each of these luncheons, I am left with a poignant reminder of how important what we do is.  We make a difference in the lives of these young women and as a consequence the lives of the many people they will touch throughout their careers.” ~ Marion Donnelly

“Here are the things I remember (although I’m a bit biased because I interviewed the recipients and have a bit of knowledge about them) – What an incredible positive attitude Ami Thomas has in the face of adversity, and how much I admire that and wish I could “borrow” some of it from time to time. Also Vineetha’s powerful remarks about the value of education and financial independence for women from a global/cultural perspective; it’s a reminder that we take our freedom for granted.” ~ Anne Chambers

“I think that the power of positive thinking struck me. All of the scholarship candidates had to address their circumstance with positive thoughts backed up by positive actions. They did not achieve what they achieved over night so they persevered and I believe that the power of positive thinking certainly helped direct them.” ~ Marcia Harris

“The most impressionable thing is the gratitude and honor exuding from the scholarship recipients. You can feel how much this scholarship means to them, and therefore the positive ripple effects are endless. It’s amazing to know that a simple gift can have such a profound effect on a young woman’s confidence, drive, and motivation. It’s a great lesson for everyone, that a little support can go a very long way.” ~ Kristen Lehman

As part of their award, the scholarship recipients are eligible to be mentored by volunteers from FWSF led by the Scholarship Mentoring Committee chaired by Julia Kneiische and Senaa Al-ghanem.  Much is gained from this wonderful opportunity by both mentees and mentors alike.

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