Mentoring Program Changes Coming Your Way

FWSF is proud of its mentoring program for scholarship recipients and now wants to develop a mentoring program for members. Paige Venable, FWSF immediate past-president, is spearheading the effort, and asks that members fill out our survey.

There are a lot of different ways to structure a mentoring program. For example, a traditional “one-on-one” relationship where a mentor, typically a successful and seasoned professional, works with a mentee (or protégé), usually less experienced, to and advance the mentee’s career and networks. Or perhaps it would be two peers who are at a similar professional experience level, but one has expertise in a subject area that mentee/mentor does not possess. Or… group mentoring (aka: mentoring circles), flash mentoring, speed mentoring, reverse mentoring.

We are just getting started assessing interest and we need your input! Fill in the survey now and let us have your thoughts.

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