Developing Your Authentic Leadership Story - September 19th Event

By Julianna Iran

Story Telling Image

We all have experiences and events in our lives that have profoundly shaped who we are. They can be moments of embarrassment or victory, but what they all have in common is that they are meaningful parts of our life story.

With the help and inspiration by the coaching group, The Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute, women from FWSF and Wells Fargo were able to find and tailor their experiences into a powerful and effective story.

The night started with a couple activities that helped us get comfortable and build confidence. We were then asked to think and share a memory that has shaped us. Then we had to think of a creative way to start the story and "lift it off", so that others would want to hear it and know more. Once we had our intro we had to make sure there was a middle and an end to go with the beginning. Then we had to put the pieces together and share it with our partner in 90 seconds or less. By the end of the night we were equipped to share and inspire others with our own personal story.

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