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Untitled, San Francisco invites you to a Vernissage with Artadia

Thursday, January 12, 2017 Alliance Series

You are invited to Vernissage, the opening night kick off for the Untitled Art Fair and is in celebration for past San Francisco Artadia Award winners.

Carolyn Ramo, the Executive Director of Artadia, has offered to greet us and talk briefly about their non-profit and arts program. Heather Marx will then talk briefly about her business, Heather Marx Art Advisory, and collecting contemporary art. Following that there will be a tour of the fair and which will introduce attendees to some of the best booths and past Artadia award winners.

Availability is complimentary and limited. Register by January 5, 2017.

Click here to register. Enter VIP code, artadiaSF2017, in the field of the last question, "Did we miss anything important?" This question becomes visible once contact information is entered.


Artadia Awardees:
Enrique Chagoya
Rosana Castrillo Diaz
Amy Ellingson
Liam Everett
James Gobel
Jim Goldberg
Joe Havel
Gisela Insuaste
Ruth Laskey
Kara Maria
Alicia McCarthy
Julio Cesar Morales
Ramekon O'Arwisters
Shaun O'Dell
Brett Reichman
Philip Ross
Leslie Shows
Allison Smith
Jessica Snow
Travis Somerville
Weston Teruya
Richard T. Walker

Hosted by:

Charlie Adamski
Jenny Baie
Rimma Boshernitsan
Heidy Braverman
Rebecca Camacho
Joelle Connonlly
Vanessa Critchell
Kirstin Delzell
Erin Dunigan
Daelyn Farnham
Marjory Graue
Candace Huey
Kerri Hurtado
Lisa Hurwich
Cynthia Kagay
Emily Lambert
Kira Lyons
Heather Marx
Megan McConnell
Kathy Meadowcroft
Tim Mott
Sarah Nelson
Celia Peachey
Alexandra Polson
Ratio 3
Lauren Ryan
Jessica Shaefer
Lizanne Suter
Laura Sweeney
Christopher E. Vroom

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