5 Ways of Making the Most of Your FWA Membership

March 2010

1. Raise your visibility.

Does your company (or you) have space that FWA can use to host a meeting, event or special occasion? Do you have special skills that the FWA can benefit from? Do you want to get involved but have limited time? Are you able to sponsor a table at a FWA event?

2. Attend meetings and events regularly.

Become a presence. Position yourself with new members as someone in the know. Build your network by following up with the people you meet at events. Offer to get together for coffee and then follow up again before the next event.

3. Join a committee.

FWA has a number of committees currently looking for membership participation. Committee chairs will work with you and within your time constraints. Some committees are a

labor of love while others only take a few hours a week or month. Being involved allows you
to interact with members at a more meaningful level and gives you the opportunity to make a difference.

4. Invite friends and associates.

What better way to reconnect with your network than inviting them to an FWA event? While some events are member only, others are open to everyone. Prior to attending an event, send out an email with the information and
say you hope to see them there. You will be surprised at how effective this can be. It is just one more way of getting in front of people.

5. Become an event greeter.

There is no better reason to introduce yourself than when it’s your role. Attending events solo can be painful and greeters help make it easier. As a greeter you welcome members and non-members to events, make them feel comfortable, bring them into a conversation and then continue on to the next. Not only do you make attendees feel welcome, you get the benefit of meeting everyone in attendance!

These are but a few ways of making the most of your membership.

Reach out to us to find out how you can be more involved.

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