The “Science of Fashion”

June 2012

Wardrobe Stylist and Fashion Educator, Anthea Tolomei, captivated a sold-out audience from the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank and the Financial Women’s Association on April 26th. Anthea shared her eighteen years of image consulting experience showcasing brave volunteer runway models from the Federal Reserve Bank. Inspired to change the way we view our closets, “Editing the Closet,” taught us to frame our shopping purpose. Start with the solid colors in your closet so that you know what you own, keep “the tricks of the fashion savvy” in mind as you shop and the result will be lots of good choices in your wardrobe.

“Tricks of the fashion savvy” Anthea illustrated were “Insert Dressing”– adding a new separate to a suit; “Backdrop or Vertical Dressing” — creating a dominating vertical line shoe to shoulder, with one color; “Structured Dressing” versus “Soft Dressing” – adding a jacket versus a softer cardigan; and “Block Dressing” — building on solids such as blue jeans with a brown tank.

“Color is the repetition of pure beauty,”
Anthea stressed as she explained the importance of choosing colors for clothing and accessories that repeat the color of your hair, your skin, and
your smile.

Along with the fun and fashion tips the attendees donated gently used clothing for Wardrobe for Opportunity, an organization that assists low-income individuals to “Find a Job, Keep a Job, and Build a Career.”—Contributed by Bulbul Biswas Goswami

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