FWSF 2014 Scholarship recipient, Tanya Gupta, recognized by Global Women Power

Donna BedfordOn 27 March 2015, Tanya Gupta, one of the FWSF 2014 Scholarship recipients received an award from the organization Global Women Power at  their International Women’s Day Celebrations. Various women who have been successful in various fields including Business, Law, Medicine and Politics were also recognized. Please follow the link to read more about this inspiring organization: www.globalwomenpower.com

Among those recognized was Diana Rohini La Vigne who was introduced to Tanya as a result of her FWSF scholarship and wrote a couple articles about  her which posted on September 22, 2014 in India West and was published in the July – September 14 edition of NRI World.

We asked both Diana and Tanya to share their thoughts.

Diana: Tanya is an amazing blend between brilliance and drive and humility and respect. Power often represents an image of a woman that mimics male-leadership behaviors. Tanya is a future leader who dares to believe she can do it on her own terms; with a feminine touch. She represents a role model that I hope all youth can follow. She is creating her own opportunities and driving forward-all while raising a family. She is the supporting type and will lift other women I know while she ascends to higher heights.

I hope to know Tanya Gupta better personally in future years. She is someone who attracts positivity. And who doesn't want a little more of that!!!!

Tanya: I am honored for being chosen as one of the awardees of the Global Women Power (GWP) award. Sharing the stage with such accomplished women from different facets of life was truly a humbling and remarkable experience. I offer my heart-felt thanks to Sandra Camacho and Diana Rohini for believing in me and introducing me to this wonderful organization. In many ways Global Women Power is very similar to FWSF. With both the organizations having women progress as the founding principle, they provide a great platform to network and learn from each other’s experiences. Meeting successful women not only motivates you but also gives you strength to focus on the goals ahead.  This is exactly how I felt after meeting FWSF and GWP members. They are a true source of inspiration for me, especially my mentor, Sarah Whitelaw, at FWSF and Diana Rohini at Global Women Power. Diana is so positive, full of energy, and exudes confidence without attitude. She believes in leading by example. I am really grateful to FWSF for introducing me to Diana, and the amazing women in the FWSF family.

Tanya winning award

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