FWSF Community: How to help the Florida hurricane victims impacted by Hurricane Irma

Another hurricane has devastated parts of Florida. As we communicated last week when Harvey hit Texas, FWSF wants to make everyone aware of the information our members have shared with us about how they can help the victims impacted by the hurricane.

Following are a few places where you can donate (Thanks to Small Steps for a Big Impact for this list)

Global Giving
Focuses on long-term building by working with local organizations.

Save the Children 
Helps families, including providing play spaces for children—children learn and experience through play, and these spaces are essential for children's health and wellness.

Habitat for Humanity
An organization that helps people in need (re)build their homes. 

To help pets and pet-owners, go the ASPCA , among others, are working hard.
Also consider fostering or even adopting yourself; that will make space for your local pet shelter to take in adoptable animals from the disaster areas, which in turn makes space for pets who got lost in the Irma-driven chaos.

To help wild animals, the South Florida Wildlife Center is one idea.

Here are fuller lists with ideas.




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